Youth Organizing


Divest from Policing, Invest in Schools that Heal Campaign is our current campaign to invest in student visions for safe and healthy education spaces. We want to demystify the budgeting process and create opportunities for youth to shape where they learn. Currently, the AISD Board decides the budget and where investment goes without any significant student input. Young people want a say and they want a change.

Young Organizers Unite Towards Healing

Develops young people into youth organizers and develops their leadership skills along the way. In this program, young people meet quickly and explore new concepts around identity and parental removal. Together, they collaborate to heal, advocate, mobilize, and organize creating campaigns around local policies that impact them and their peers.

When We Vote!

We have the power to determine the present and future for us and our communities..  When We Vote is our voter education and registration program that works to register young Texans, whose families are disenfranchised, to vote.  We provide Voting 101 training, issue education and rides to the polls for young folks around central Texas.