What We Do


Youth Rise Texas (YRTX) is a growing nonprofit organization that engages teens harmed by criminalization, policing, and the U.S. immigration system so that they may heal, take action, and cultivate compassionate communities.  We are a power-building organization led by people directly impacted by systems of criminalization and deportation, and we are committed to transformative organizing and healing justice. Through a variety of programming, we create space for directly impacted youth to step into their own power and become leaders in movements for social change while also centering the importance of personal healing and wellbeing. 

Youth Rise Texas is dedicated to uplifting youth harmed by criminalization, policing and the U.S. immigration system. We offer programming that creates space for youth to heal, take action, and cultivate compassionate communities. This gives youth a space to lift their voices and share their stories using art, music, theatre, public speaking, community organizing — and lots of hanging out — to creatively build power together and win change for our families and community.We are dedicated to uplifting the voices of young people harmed by familial criminalization and deportation so that they may heal, take action, and cultivate compassionate communities.


Youth Rise Texas serves POC youth between the ages of 14 and 22 whose parents have been removed from the home due to criminalization, detention, or deportation.  We are working to create a leadership development pipeline that will put youth at the forefront of healing our communities and winning demands that safeguard or realize rights.  We are developing an organizing methodology, strategy and infrastructure to create a youth-centered common agenda that prepares us for the next 10 years of transformative change

Our History

Since our launch in 2015, Youth Rise has worked to, through strong practice, collectively heal, transform, and build power in our communities, and in the process we ourselves are healed, transformed and self-empowered.   Most importantly, we’ve opened up a space for investment and discourse where previously there was harm, silence, and shame.

We are a co-founder of Texas’ only youth civic engagement table, the Texas Youth Power Alliance, through which we collectively increased the youth vote in Texas by 600% over the past four years, putting Texas on the map as a real national battleground for transformative electoral power and organizing.

YRTX members have been awarded prestigious recognitions for their involvement with YRTX from the Soros Foundation, Facebook, the Robert Wood Johnson Culture of Health Leaders, Impact Austin and Davis Putter Fund.  Our programs have been recognized by local and national media, including PBS Newshour and Rolling Stone.

In 2018, we also embarked on original, community-driven research to establish data local on the impact of parental removal, establish proof of concept, and advance policy recommendations for school districts and lawmakers, the results of which will be published in the coming months.